Monday, March 19, 2012

A Baptism Outfit

This past week we had our little one baptized, finally. In our denomination most people baptize their babies as infants, but circumstances being...this was our first opportunity, at almost age two! It's so funny, Daddy has been teaching him over and over to say "one" when asked how old he is, and now he will have learn that he is "two." Anyway...

I knew that our rough and tumble little guy would look ridiculous in a froofy white gown and bonnet, but I wanted something special and a little unique. There is always another pattern out there that I am wanting to try. I am terrible at drafting my own patterns and I'm a bit of a pattern junkie! I was dying to try Made-by-Rae's Charlie Tunic. I could really picture it as a little baptism outfit paired with Rae's BBBPs.

I decided I wanted linen. I made the trip over to Joann's and was astonished at the price per yard for 100% linen. I decided on two shades of a cotton linen blend. After getting the fabric home I was a little disappointed in my choice for the pants because it was quite thin, which would make it very airy and comfy, but also not as durable for a toddler. I went ahead with my plan because I didn't want to waste the money spent on fabric and it was only a few days away.

Since I'd made the pants before, they sewed up quickly and without any issues. I double stitched the crotch seam hoping this would prevent any tearing as a result of the fabric being so thin.

The tunic began to go together quickly, but then I got held up at the yoke part. I had to rip out and resew several areas of this part, but it was the first time I'd tried it. All in all, the tunic was not difficult to assemble, just a little tedious. If you enjoy sewing for the sake of sewing, then you might find this very enjoyable. I enjoy sewing for the sake of the finished product and grow very impatient with the detail. That being said, it is all the little details that really make something special.

The tutorial is very nicely done, and I was happy with the completed tunic. I should have measured his arms more accurately and I would have shortened the sleeves, or maybe sized down one.

I thought he was absolutely adorable in it. MS commented that he looked like a little Bishop. I kept telling him that if he saw a picture of a Bishop he would not think this. Someone else said Arabian Prince, another said Medieval. I just thought he was precious!

This was his first time wearing sandals since he was a little baby and he didn't know how to walk!


  1. He definitely looks precious in his outfit!

  2. He definitely looks precious in his outfit!

  3. That is super cool! I didnt get gowns for my boys but spent so much time looking for something for them. My husband thought I was nuts, lol