Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Further Notes on Sewing Daddy Flats--Using Velcro

I have been asked before whether or not Daddy Flats could be sewn with Velcro (Touchtape, Aplix), so I decided to try it out and see. I had messed up the wings on a Daddy Flat I was sewing and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try it out. These Daddy Flats were made with one layer of cotton velour Sock Monkey Print and one layer of super thick diaper flannel.

I started by sewing up my Daddy Flat as usual. Then I cut two pieces (1.5x1.5 inches) of touchtape hook, and four pieces (same size) of loop fabric. I also cut a 5 1/4 x 2 inches piece of loop fabric for the tummy panel. I choose loop fabric for the loop side because it is so much softer and more flexible than touchtape. You can only find this fabric through diaper suppliers. Touchtape could also be used. The loop fabric on top of the tab will allow the wing to cross-over if necessary.

First I attached the wing tabs by sandwiching the wing end between a piece of hook (facing the inside of the diaper) and a piece of Loop fabric (facing upwards), with the tabs hanging over slightly. I put one pin into the tabs to keep them from shifting on the first side I sewed, then removed the pin to finish the square. I do a straight stitch because I have never found that I needed more, and for some reason my machine doesn't like to zig-zag the hook tape. You could do a regular or 3-step zigzag around the edges if you preferred.

After experimentation I found that my machine sewed the two layers together more neatly if I sewed with the hook tape facing upwards. I usually stitch 1/8" from the edges. I then sewed the other two 1.5" pieces of loop fabric beside the tabs, on the inside of the diaper, about 1/4" away. The only purpose of these tabs are to fold the wings over onto for washing. They are called laundry tabs and are meant to keep the hook part of the Velcro from grabbing and ruining things in the wash.

Finally, I attached the tummy panel of loop fabric centering it where your snaps would go, 1/2" down from the top edge. It went together quickly.

If you do not have access to snaps/pliers etc, this might be a good option for you to try.

Beware: If you let your little one run around without a cover at home, the Velcro closure is definitely more likely to be undone by your little one!

If you aren't familiar with Daddy Flats, click on the link above for more information about this great pattern and see my other blog posts about sewing Daddy Flats!

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