Sunday, April 1, 2012

Where is my head?

This afternoon hubby tells me he is taking the boys to a movie tonight, and I say "Okay!" At 5:45 I wander into the kitchen and start baking a lasagna thinking it would be a great night for a later dinner because my teenager had made homemade brownies for an afternoon snack and we would all be able to wait. At 6:10 hubby says, "Will that be done before we leave?" "Leave," I say in an astonished voice, "Where are we going?"

So as they head out the door hubby is making disappointed sounds that the lasagna is still in the oven and it is smelling very good. To be honest, I can't say how good it will be. I really hate boiling lasagna noodles the old fashioned way and I absolutely LOVE everything about no-boil lasagna noodles. Sadly, ALDI does not carry no-boil noodles and I do the bulk of my shopping there and sometimes do not make it to the other grocery stores. So tonight I cheated. I was thinking that I had made a lasagna before where I just soaked the noodles in really hot water before layering, but there is a good chance I completely imagined that. So anyway, that's what I did tonight. I cooked the lasagna a lot longer than it said, but I still won't know if the noodles are completely done until we eat it. Little Guy and I will eat in about 30 minutes when it's cooler, and all my big boys will be starving when they get home from the movie. I hope their expectations aren't too high! It looks and smells good anyway.

Kitty loves to sit in the window with the attic fan running.
Now I will go watch Toy Story for the bagillionth time this month and enjoy the sounds and smells of the attic fan running after a rain storm.

I don't want to be a spoiler, but Etsy Cloth Diaper Team is giving away another amazing prize package in April--this one is for new mamas. Look for it on Wednesday!

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